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Q.  Are you ever likely to accept one-off commissions again?

A.  The excessive amounts of attention to detail, together with ever increasing production costs are no longer a viable proposition as other creative projects are consuming larger amounts of time. Since 2014 the small part of the collection shown on the website has been archived and the website will remain visible as elements within the pages are still needed for personal communication.


Q.  What would have been the average turn-around time if I had placed an order and it had been accepted as a commission?

A.  Approximately 20 working days. 4 days of that time would be spent with the buckles passing through the obligatory* hallmarking process at The Birmingham Assay Office.  Accelerated or condensed time frame demands incur surcharges.


We are pleased to have had a professional association with Emma S. Baker-Jones. 

Please visit www.esbleather.co.uk 


* This is required by law. All precious metal articles over 7.78 gms must go through independent assaying before they can be offered for sale. This ensures that you get what you order, be it gold, silver or platinum. It is not a free service.

None of our buckles include a strap. How to commission a strap for your buckle